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Traditional cybersecurity can’t keep up

The antivirus software industry needs a really big change. It’s time to change antivirus software from selling do-it-yourself products that say, “Here, it’s all up to you to figure your security out,” to an antivirus software service that says, “We’ll keep you safe, no matter how or where you connect.” It’s time to change—from being one of those antivirus software companies people dread having to deal with, to becoming the only cybersecurity and threat intelligence provider that makes people love what we do for them.

It’s time for a smarter cybersecurity solution.

We see cybersecurity as a lot bigger than antivirus software. We see it as predicting and preventing problems before they occur, antivirus software that's not just reacting to infections when they happen, but proactively preventing zero-day attacks. We see it as an opportunity to free people to do more of what they want to do and less of what they don’t. We see security as providing businesses with a way to spend less time, money, and resources on protecting themselves and more on everything that helps their businesses grow. We see cybersecurity and threat intelligence services as a phenomenal service experience for every one of our customers. We believe that we can deliver security in ways our customers will really love. We believe that making this happen will make the way everyone else does antivirus software obsolete. And we believe that making all this happen will make us number one.

IMC Technology's partnership with Webroot provides antivirus software solutions for home computers, business workstations, and business servers. Our Cybersecurity model is in-depth, with layers of protection not found in traditional antivirus software solutions: Real-time monitoring, superior multi-vector threat analysis, and automated corrective actions--it's more than antivirus software at the same or lower price than our competitors (only $72/year!). You get a much more advanced antivirus software solution coupled with knowledgable employees and vendor support.

For more information about Webroot's Cybersecurity approach, we invite to watch this short video:

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