IMC Technology

Careful planning. eternal vigilence.

Great computer systems don't just happen.  They take great assessments, careful monitoring, quick and knowledgable management, and protection of working systems and aggregate data.

IMC Technology has achieved a 99.9% computer uptime for our clients over a 20 year period, minimizing and eliminating unscheduled computer outages.

Clarity, decision making, results, and confidence: IMC Technology's drivers for your business success!

Services Overview

Integrated Media Concepts (IMC) provides the complete solution: design, installation, operation, and maintenance of your own private, hybrid, or public cloud, together with turn-key creation, distribution, and security for your digital content (audio, video, photos, and electronic documents).


We offer the complete, unparalleled suite of Microsoft 365 Business cloud services for corporate productivity acceleration, whether you want on-premise computers, cloud services, or a combination of both.


monitoring & Management

Is your Information Technology essential to your business operations?  Employ IMC Technology's real-time data gathering, automated computer repair, remote computer assistance, computer patch management, and much more to keep things running at peak performance.


business continuity

With our 24/7 cloud services for data collection and monitoring, IMC Technology provides 99.9% uptime for our clients.  Leave reactive mode management--see what Proactive Management can mean to your bottom line.


Systems analysis

Data collection is only half the picture.  IMC Technology provides cutting edge Systems Reporting, Analysis, and Business Intelligence that are invaluable for management strategic planning.



Whether you're communicating in writing, with audio, using slide shows, or with moving pictures, IMC Technology has the on-premise and cloud services that let you put forth a professional image.


Web presence

Create and maintain a web presence in both the Business and Social Networking realms.  Seamlessly integrate with partners, vendors, and customers using IMC Technology secured data transmission, electronic communications, and multi-media via Microsoft 365 Business.



IMC Technology offers the latest in Computer and Network Security Monitoring and Management.  Real-time, 24x7 alerting and automated antivirus software counter measures ensure the highest state of readiness possible.



Whether you want to distribute your messages via email, video conferencing, CD, DVD, YouTube, or your web site, IMC Technology is your full service distribution partner.