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Security, Dash and Body Camera HD Video Processing

High Definition Security Camera, Dashcam, and Body Camera footage is changing law enforcement and prosecution. Many Prosecuting Attorneys are now dealing with an ever-increasing volume of HD video and exploding storage requirements that their computers systems simply weren’t designed to handle.

IMC Technology predicts that the use of video evidence will continue to grow exponentially, and this increased use of High Definition video will continue to stress systems, many well beyond their design capabilities.  Most law enforcement and prosecution systems were designed for clerical--not multi-media--file handling. Databases, spreadsheets, word processing documents are tiny compared to HD Video.  With clerical documents--unlike HD video--you can get by with a lot less machine.

Security, Dash, and Body Camera HD Video Processing

IMC Technology (and our sister facility, IMC Studios) is in your corner. IMC Technology has been providing video conversion, redaction, and storage services to the Arkansas 5th Judicial District for many years. We’re expanding our service areas to other districts, and we’d like to offer those same services to you.

Plantiffs, Defendants, Judges and juries will request to see video footage more and more. They want to see what happened, not just hear oral testimony. Security Cameras, Body Cameras, and Dash Cameras all give us a unique perspective on the sequence of events, the magnitude of the threat, the equivalence of the response. These recordings represent an incredibly valuable recounting of events, but can present a technical challenge to those that need to use them. Many Security Cameras are foreign made, with non-standard recording formats. Many utilize motion activation to trigger recording, which for multi-camera systems, results in thousands of small clips peppering the recording device. Until now, the processing of these clips had to be performed on the recording device or export station, making use of the clips in Prosecution very difficult at best. Reviewing these videos from the source device is simply not practical.

This problem was compounded by orders for redaction. Prosecutors simply don’t have the High Definition video editing equipment to easily redact these videos.

If these review, redaction and storage pain points sound familiar, we urge you to contact us. We have processing solutions that allow prosecution teams to view videos from their computers or smart devices. We have years of experience in video redaction, and we have solutions for the large storage and archiving requirements of High Definition video.

If you need immediate assistance with video evidence, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 479-968-1731.

IMC Technology is proud to support the men and women of Law Enforcement and Prosecution.