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Our Approach to IT Support

IMC Technology's Remote Monitoring and Managed Services provide our customers with state of the art monitoring and fast, remote IT support of their business computer network. As you can see from the image below, our monitoring system collects critical computer network performance data from the systems we manage and compares that data to a custom, customer-specific Threshold and Automation profile, all while maintaining the highest degree of end user privacy and security.

Remote Monitoring and Management screen capture showing system peformance trends.

Using Threshold and Automation profiles developed from decades of data gathering, IMC Technology can predict system performance issues, alert our technicians of potential problems and automatically implement corrective actions to head off many computer network outages before they happen.

Our managed services monitoring system allows our IT Support personnel to dig deep into any workstation's performance without interrupting day to day computer network operations, and the same managed services system aggregates total system performance across the entire network, including website uptime and computer network infrastructure component stability. From this vantage point, IMC Technology's IT Support can also oversee hardware stress, Antivirus, AntiSpyware, and Firewall status across the computer network.

There is no comparison to traditional "sit in each seat" IT support. We simply gather more data, more quickly, and compare it to our known-good thresholds in real-time, with automated actions that are far faster than manual discovery and manual response models.

The result is superior IT service with significant cost savings over traditional IT methods.

Our Managed Services include what you really need

IMC Technology's Managed Services provide the necessary monitoring and maintenance tools that every computer network needs. It's not a matter of whether the vendors like Microsoft require certain administrative and security tasks be completed--they do--rather, it's simply a matter of whether trained, internal staff or outside contractors are going to perform these tasks or whether the systems will remained unupdated, unsecured, and unmanaged.

Cut Training Costs with Managed Services

Have you looked at the costs of training your internal IT Support staff to maintain current skills and competencies in current technologies? The cost and pace may surprise you. IMC Technology's Microsoft Certified technicians have over 20 years combined experience in Small and Medium-sized business computer network builds, operation, and maintenance. That includes current Microsoft Workstation, Server, and Cloud technologies. When was the last time your internal IT Support staff members passed a Microsoft Certification exam? In addition, you may find out why Microsoft certification testing has a 60% failure rate. It ain't easy being a geek.

Better Reporting for Better Management

IMC Technology's Managed Services provide extensive, executive-level reporting on your computer network, allowing Business Decision Makers to stay abreast of their computer network performance without having to be an IT Support technician themselves.

Trouble Ticketing

Our Managed Services include an online Trouble Ticket system, with instant access to the system from anywhere on the computer network. Track tickets down to the individual communications, response times, and user satisfacton--that's right, we include a complete work satisfaction survey with each ticket, allowing Business Decision Makers to know how employees feel about the managed services they're getting. Does your IT Support Staff do that? Managed Services with accountability to your users?

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