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About IMC Technology

Superior Business and Personal Information Technology since 1994

Through great people, IMC has delivered superior technology to our customers at competitive prices since 1994.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a "you win - we win" attitude and a "measure it to manage it" philosophy that continues to achieve the performance goals our customers require, year after year.

But we're not sitting on our laurels.  We continue to research and develop new solutions with new technologies, always keeping customer service at the core of what we do. 

Join us.  Experience friendly, productive technology that works the way you do.

john montgomery

President and CEO


how we work

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers.  We achieve our success through:

  • Work Scope Definition
  • Award Winning Analysis
  • Standardized Solutions
  • Configuration Control
  • Performance Measurement
Personal or Professional?

Either way, we can help.  We have product and service offerings for individuals and businesses.

Data has Value

We treat all data as having intrinsic value.  For some customers, that's their Accounting data, for others, their personal history of irreplaceable family photos and videos.  We get it, and we'll help you store and protect your irreplacable data.

Information Extraction is Key

We have the devices and services to help you extract vital information from your data systems on demand--anywhere, anytime.

Continuity is no Accident

Long term maintenance of personal or corporate data requires a strategy.  We have a long history of migrating customers from one system to the next with no data loss.

meet our team

john montgomery
President & CEO
bobbi montgomery
Cody Lilley
Microsoft Professional
CJIS Certified

our Approach

Cutting Edge Technology.
Professional Service with a Personal Touch.

We're serious about solving business challenges and enriching everyday life.